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Missing a tooth? What better way to replace it than a dental implant.

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At times your tooth has had extensive treatment and there is not much natural tooth left. The filling that is done ends up being the main component of the tooth. The strength of the standard fillings done chairside are ok for small fillings but if they get too big they end up chipping. This is why for some teeth a crown is the best option as these are prosthesis made in a special lab under very high temperatures to ensure very high strengths. They have a very high success rate and will last in your mouth for a very long time. They will restore the tooth to complete functionality and aesthetics.

What For?

Crowns are required for cracked teeth, little tooth structure remaing, coverage of root canals,
coverage of discoloured teeth and the list goes on

One Visit Crown

One visit crown is a new technology that has been released into the dental world. They are a more affordable alternative to the normal crowns made in the lab. These are made chairside and have shown to have similar features and strengths to the natural teeth so they fit into the dentition very well. They also do not require two visits like conventional crowns. Currently we are doing a promotion for these crowns at $600. Book now for your initial consultation.