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Gum Treatment

What is Gum Treatment?

Gum treatment refers to the removal of build up (food and bacteria) around the gums in order to allow for healing of the gums and healthy tooth support. There are a lot of crevices around the teeth for food to get stuck on and if this builds up and not removed on a daily basis it will harden due to calcium in your saliva


The removal of this build up is essential otherwise it will lead to gum disease which results in bone and gum recession leading in loose teeth. Gum disease also causes bad breath, bad metallic taste and bleeding gums.


An ultrasonic scaler is a blunt tipped instrument that moves at at an ultrasonic frequency. This movement can not be seen but when it touches the hardened tartar deposits it vibrates and removes the tartar like little bits of cement.


Following the scale the dentist/hygienist will advise you on areas that need to be cleaned a bit better at home and may give you a new home care regimen