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The tooth

Eating, Smiling, Fresh breath all affect your Quality of Life“A car needs ongoing servicing but more importantly your oral health needs constant care to allow overall well being and a better quality of life”We here at Golflands Dental are about changing your quality of life. Not just fixing a problem but shaping your treatment and health so that we reach a stage where most of the maintenance is happening at home by you and minor maintenance is done by us on a routine basis. We strive to get your Oral Health to a standard that is disease free and maintainable with oral home care. Don’t be fooled thinking it’s cheaper to fix a problem as it happens, it’s a lot cheaper and healthier to prevent any problems happening. Make your appointment

Understand The Tooth

The tooth is a bit more complicated than “just a tooth” but can be easily understood if we break it into 2 components:
– The Tooth
– The Tooth Support
The Tooth​ is made up of a hard shell with a chamber inside. This shell is composed of a white enamel layer and a yellow dentine layer. The chamber is the pulp which is soft tissue, commonly known as “the nerve”. If the shell is penetrated by factors such as decay and cracks than the tooth becomes compromised and most of the time you would not be aware of it. If the penetration is too deep into the shell and reaches the chamber, “the nerve”, then this usually causes an ongoing ache and this is when people can’t sleep and can’t work and if you’re in the army your dentally unfit to represent the country.
The Tooth​ Support​ is the surrounding tissue that hold the tooth in place. This is composed of gum, bone and ligament. The bone and ligament are the main components that hold the tooth in place and the gum is what protects these two components. If the gums are penetrated by factors such as built up plaque/tartar and excessive brushing then this will result in loss of support which is irreversible. Essentially if the Gums are kept healthy than everything else will follow. Similarly if the gums are unhealthy than accordingly everything will follow and the support of the tooth will deteriorate resulting in sensitivity, bad breath and loose teeth.
​Prevention is better than Cure What ever damage is done to the tooth most of the time is irreversible. This is why prevention is better than cure and this is why we encourage routine exams so that these penetrating factors can be picked up with exam and x rays and can be removed and halt progression of disease.

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